What we offer

InfoURGE Technologies primary motto is to ensure start-ups and small to mid-size organisation improved ability to maximise their focus on their core business and ideas and its development, in time to the market and continue to grow it.

Since everything that we touch today requires IT and its services at its heart, most of the organisation spends most of their valuable time, effort and cost on setting up the IT organisation and its functions.

Our Services

We help strart-ups to grow their businees through:

ATA Process

InfoURGE Technologies has a three step to transform your IT Unit:

Assess you current IT Capabilities and come out with a recommendation on how to grow
A step by step implementation of recommendation using best our services
An optimised IT spend and Business fully focused on expansion and growth

InfoURGE Technologies business model is to help start-ups and small business with a total IT Unit
strength of less than 100+ resources, to achieve some of the key goals as below:

Just in time Infrastructure
Keep IT infrastructure cost to minimum and scale when business grows

Reduce Cost, Maximise Productivity
Combine Agile Development with Near-shore Capability for a maximum productivity

Deliver Value
Multiple and continues releases of new business features to Market

Deliver on Time
High Quality, controlled & predictable spend

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Later will come up with details on our new project: Virtual training program.
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